Bharti Rao: Writing is a Windowpane

Writing is the ability to convert thoughts or words or an act of reflection. Writing skills are an important part of communication. Reading and Writing go on together.  To learn writing  it is not so difficult, it can be learned like any other skills.

Good writing skills help to communicate with thoughts and opinions effectively. A writer is a writer. Everyone can write, but not all can be a writer. But if you improve your writing skills you can become a good writer.

When we write,  our brain uses every part of our memory and cells which helps to increase our creativity and imagination. Writing skills helps to improve our communication,  debating and speech skills.  

Writing is an art which helps us to focus and connect with oneself.  We should never be discouraged if we are not able to write effectively.  To improve our writing skills we should start with short and simple sentences.  We should use simple words. Slowly by slowly, we will be able to improve our vocabulary and then this will help us to be good writers.  

Reading,  speaking helps us to become good writers. Educators need to create a classroom environment that is conducive to writing. Good writers are better readers and their critical thinking is improved. To improve their writing skills students should read-aloud and then pen down their thoughts and express themselves.  Words are powerful so educators should motivate and inspire their students to develop their writing skills.  

You learn to write better by reading,
You learn to read better by writing, 
Reading and Writing work together to improve your ability to think! 

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