Hate Learning Vs Love Learning

Staff leadership development - Level II of the Learning Forward India PLP #HappyTeachers
The greatest challenge a teacher faces is performance dysfunction and kids being written off as ‘good for nothing’. The teacher must choose whether to let go or try to lead the dejected child forward. Roma helps her class get over the fear of subjects like math and science while focussing on the slow learners. - Kavita Bhupta Ghosh: Wanted back-bencher and last-ranker teacher.
#HappyTeachers taking Learning Forward to build #MyGoodSchool PLP Session - Videos, assignment and brainstorm for school culture transformation

The Iconic School is a progressive institution that aspires to provide the best education to the students under its care set within the reflection of values and a disciplined environment. The Iconic School will be instrumental and the means through which all its students will build their futures. We consider that Education is victorious when the school and parents are in partnership. The teaching and learning does not begin and end at the school gate. It is a partnership that we are all involved in and need to work together. www.iconicschool.com

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