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Anger is a completely natural and usually healthy emotion. Anger is triggered when we face obstacles or individuals that block our needs. It prepares us to deal with the problems in our path by mobilizing resources, increasing vigilance, and facilitating the removal of obstacles to get where we want to be.

Anger provides us insight into our faults and shortcomings and aids self-improvement. The problem, however, arises when anger grows out of proportion. It is then that it impedes our decision-making ability and leads to serious problems in our family, relationships and workplace and at times leads to violence and destruction.

How to deal with anger?  
Basically, there are three ways to channelize your anger.

The first one is by suppressing it. This happens when you hold your anger and stop thinking about it. But this unexpressed anger can create other problems like hypertension, high blood pressure, and even depression. It may turn you into a cynical and sarcastic person. Sarcasm is the most common expression of unexpressed emotions.

The second way is by calming yourself, not just by controlling your outward behaviour but also by controlling your inward responses and letting the feeling subside. But at times, this leads to inaction out of the fear of getting you angry or others getting angry at you.

The final way is expressing your anger appropriately. It means you may assertively express your feelings but not in an aggressive manner. This allows you to be respectful of yourself and others. It is the healthiest way to express anger. In the name of managing anger, we end up holding it in or avoiding associated feelings. This way, we create apathy and indifference among common people and produce mere followers. But as a progressive society, we need angry but thoughtful citizens who are leaders in the true sense and can lead society and bring positive changes and not just deaf and dumb followers. Since expressing anger appropriately is a learned behaviour, we can make each and every member of our young generation assume the true leader of tomorrow.

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