MarkSharks partners Learning Forward Academy

Interactive eLearning product that teaches Maths and Science through exciting games, 3D simulations and immersive experiments!

MarkSharks’ versatility makes it useful for educators in a variety of settings. Whether you are a teacher that would like a supplementary tool to your teaching in the classroom or a tutor supporting students after school, we can help you find ways to easily integrate EdTech into your educational setting.

Educational studies have shown that a hands-on, interactive approach to learning can significantly improve student performance in school by up to 20%! When students actively experience concepts for themselves, they are more likely to gain a sound foundation known as experiential learning. Experiential learning boosts brain activity, helping students grasp concepts better and develop improved memory retention. MarkSharks is an eLearning tool with a fresh outlook, turning your mobile device or tablet into a virtual lab where you can question, explore, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts using real-world examples.

We have designed a challenging and varied learning environment with an element of fun using games, 3D simulations, puzzles, questions, and experiments, without losing sight of your primary academic goals – sharpening your skills and improving your marks!

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