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Attainment of Peace in life is something that perhaps all human beings aim for. They struggle all through their life in search of Peace. They spend money, devote time, try to control everything around them but, in the end, find themselves landed on an island that is isolated and deserted. This leads to unrest and discomfort in life, and they suffer.

One can never get Peace if he/she keeps himself/herself entangled with the boundaries of materialistic things. You let yourself free from these boundaries, and the sky is open for you. Your liberty to be the way you are, do the things you want to do for the betterment of people around you will open all the doors of peaceful and calm surroundings.

If one gets,

A chance to try,               

To walk on water,

on Earth thy,

When one pleases to dance,

And gets anklet bells hereby,

When one wishes to sing,

They sing without being shy,

And when FREEDOM is given to everyone,

it gives us real PEACE and wings to fly!!

In our view, the meaning of Peace and Freedom differs from one person to another. A child finds Peace when he finally gets the toy he wants and is free to express his madness for it. A teenager when gets appreciated for his/her efforts feels peaceful because he is given the Freedom to express his thoughts and use his calibre. A mother and father, when seeing their child climbing the ladder of success are filled with the feeling of Peace and contentment. Similarly, an elderly person, when given the Freedom to have an equal say in the family finds happiness, and happiness leads to Peace.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding

-Albert Einstein

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