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Happiness comes from good deeds. When we do something good for others without expectations, we get satisfaction; that joy is everlasting. When we behave humbly with all the people around us, we experience great pleasure. We meet numerous people every day, who look happy from outside but they are sad from inside. Many people think that if they become wealthy, they will be satisfied forever, which is not correct. Happiness is a state of mind. If you are at peace with your self, you will be happy.

Happiness comes from the inside; one can buy many things with money, but not happiness. Tolerance is also one of the essential things to live a healthy and prosperous life. But tolerance has a limit. We as a teacher feel very pleased when our students perform well in their studies and Co-curricular activities. We deal with unique students.

Happiness and Tolerance are co-related with each other. If we have tolerance, then we will obtain satisfaction. There was a boy Manoj, he a very naughty. He used to harass his parents and his brother constantly. Manoj was studying in class III. He never obeyed his parents. In school, he used to be very calm and composed. When his parents came to know through Manoj’s friends, they visited the school and informed his teachers about his home behaviour. One by one, all the teachers talked with him and told him to behave nicely with his parents. They told him to respect all the people around him irrespective of their ages. From that day onwards, he started acting well at home also. Thus, this story gives a strong message that tolerance leads to happiness. 

We want to share one more critical and unique example. Nowadays, many people are getting vaccinated. When they take the vaccine, they have pain sometimes and fall ill for one or two days. But they tolerate the pain and suffering, but after two days, when they get alright, they feel happy. This example also shows us that Tolerance leads to Happiness.

Agile Alphians at Alpha Beta School Jaipur - Arti Rana, Shefali Kapoor, Anurag Sharma, Shekhar Ravindra Ghodeswar and Ajay Vijayvargi

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