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Episode #73: Sandeep Dutt, in conversation with Lavalina Sogani, founder of Vimukti, providing high-quality education free of cost to girls from low-income families living in urban slums of Jaipur. Convinced the community to send their daughters to school. Earlier, girls were either forced to take up some micro-level income-earning activity, work as domestic help or stay at home and look after siblings while parents went to work. VGS was looked upon merely as a place where girls got free meals. But as girls learnt to read and write, helped their parents with mathematical calculations and reading newspaper/letters, parents realised the importance of girl education. Girls who have completed vocational training programmes are now gainfully employed. Listen to her story of awe and inspiration, starting with 20 girls to near 750. They have tirelessly worked not just to educate girls but families.

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