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Hope is that value in life that never lets you stop believing.

When the journey of life is going through the dark tunnel, hope is that spark of light at the end, which keeps you moving forward despite the hardships. It helps you to believe that there is a new morning after a dark night.

Friendship is a quite strong bond. It is a beautiful relationship that you have chosen. Friends are the ones who help, correct, encourage, motivate, inspire, influence and guide you. They have the magic to fill happiness in the darkest of times.

"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails ".
- Donna Roberts

This is a true story of a teacher. Her friends came into her life when she had lost all hopes; they believed in her and helped her in her dream journey. The friends became the light of hope in her life's dark phase and remained by her side. She eventually became what she always wanted to be. The story tells us, let your hopes and not your hurts shape your future.

Visionary JMMS at the John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun 
- Neelam Bhardwaj, Pareenita Negi, Manmohan Kaur, Ambica Gurung and  Bharti Dangwal

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