Simple Living and High Thinking - Bharti Rao

Modern Times has brought a change in the lifestyle of the people. They have changed their way of living. The emergence of technology and new inventions has made their life easier and materialistic. This has confined them in the four walls of their office or home.

They have lost their simple joys somewhere like spending time with families, friends, relatives etc. They do not go and spend their time in the natural environment or play outside or read books. This is destroying their ability to think high. The new lifestyle has led to various diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer etc.

Due to this, people are overburdened, stressed, full of anxiety and negative thoughts. To maintain a lavish lifestyle, one spends more than he earns. To meet his lavish lifestyle, he has to take a loan or make compromises. One who lives a simple lifestyle doesn’t have to compromise or take a loan or be stressed about monetary joys. If you live simply, you will get time to think about the other important aspects. You will not be stressed. Instead, you will be peaceful at heart. High thinking means to think positively and for the betterment of oneself and humanity. 

If you are not stressed or worried, it will positively affect one’s life, so you should always live simply. If you eat healthy food, exercise properly, think positively, stay happy, it will lead to happy & healthy life. I would like to end by quoting, ‘A person should never be judged by his clothes; for simplicity lies in simple living & high thinking.’  

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School 

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