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Responsibility and Cooperation go hand in hand and are the two fundamental pillars of any classroom. A classroom always bursting with creativity, energy, and innovativeness is an uncontrollable power in need of the right master, a teacher. A class is a team; after all, it is a group of young learners who connect with each other to create something new and then critically analyze what could be done better; they take responsibility for their actions in case something is done wrong and then empathize with others to only cooperate more.  

Responsibility is accountability for owning up to your things and words, whether they were correct or incorrect. We are held responsible for others and for ourselves. Responsibility is the ability to respond and not react; it is to calmly anchor the ship without blaming others and by simply sharing the credit. Trust is perhaps the most crucial aspect of being responsible. Unless and until you are not accountable, you will never be trustworthy. 

We can teach students responsibility by assigning group tasks where each child needs to contribute. In my class, we often need to do group presentations on different topics, so we split the subtopics among ourselves. This way, all the bases are covered, and we can go in-depth about each subtopic; plus, all the members in the group are equally working. So, responsibility can be ignited in a team set up by simply doing what you are supposed to do. 

When someone is not responsible, rather than punishing them, we should make them realize and reflect upon the consequences of their actions so that they can empathize with others and never repeat the same mistake. If they were in a team and didn't prepare their part, the entire team would suffer because the team trusted them enough to hand over a task, but they broke the group's trust by not doing what was supposed to be done. How will he feel if that group member is asked to imagine himself in a similar situation where he is ready with his part, but a fellow team member has not prepared anything? 

When many young learners brainstorm upon a topic, it yields better results than when they work alone; this is Cooperation. It teaches us to trust, friendship and responsibility. When we cooperate with someone, we will only build trust, and once we build trust, we will be friends who will be trustworthy enough to be responsible. 

Our strength lies in our unity, and unity lies in our diversity. Imagine if we were all the same. How monotonous it would be, but our differences are what bring us closer. Close enough to respect others, learn from others and cooperate with others to achieve a common goal. 

Responsibility and Cooperation both arise from love and passion. If we love our education and are passionate about our profession, then only passion will meet education. Our Responsibility and Cooperation lie in loving what we do. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School. 

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