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Does your school empower every individual?
If you are at school, we help you experience the joy of learning; for those who did not enjoy school, it is essential to realise that learning is natural for the brain. Just as the heart keeps beating as long as we live, the brain keeps learning.

The book, podcast, app and much more!
At My Good School, children develop critical thinking and communication skills, preparing them to face the world. They experience values and virtues working with mentors and peers. #JoyOfLearning

Why should you join My Good School?

"Improves confidence in speaking, helps improve listening skills and reading fluency, teaches time management - balancing schoolwork and My Good School. JOL (Joy Of Learning) helps us in academics; we feel more confident while performing in a play or giving a speech. Everyone quickly finds the pleasure and joy of learning in an open, adaptable environment". - Rishona Chopra, Grade 6 Gyanshree School "I love being an intern at My Good School, which gives me a lot of opportunities to learn. I like making posters and writing blogs which helped me enhance my writing skills and creative skills. I learn about life values like compassion, giving, and never giving up hope. I enjoy meeting many interns from other schools, picking up other skills, and being mentored by teachers. As an intern, I can explore so many things which are helping me to find my strengths. I am thankful that I got this internship opportunity at 10".

- Arav Agarwal, Grade 6 Billabong Thane


My Good School is Phygital (physical plus digital), a marketing term that combines digital experiences with physical ones. The GSA member schools emphasise service, Skill, Sport and Study. We Focus on the 6 C's: 1 Critical thinking; 2 Creativity; 3 Collaboration; 4 Communication; 5 Character; and 6 Citizenship. The "My Good School" designation shows the school's value on professional learning and student achievement.

Sunday School!

Experience the joy of reading, listening to heartwarming stories and connecting with young people from schools worldwide —every Sunday in English and Hindi on Google Meet. The once-a-week school, 30 minutes open forum; 60 minutes English and 60 minutes Hindi, follow up on the Telegram App. The pure joy of learning, no compulsion to attend!

Joy Of Learning
The Joy Of Learning Program and the Sunday School is a much-loved innovation of the  Learning Forward India Foundation; the foundation also has a well-established Internship Program, Space Program, Well-being Program, Sports Program and a Happy Teachers Program.

Good Schools Alliance

Schools and stakeholders empower young people. Programs Partners and Members Schools collaborate for service, skill, sport and study; add value to the school curriculum and spread the joy of learning.

  • Empower every individual at your school

  • Encourages students to become involved in activities beyond just study; this helps develop confidence, knowledge and networks.

  • Experiential learning is a critical factor in progressing successfully through adolescence.

  • Education empowers students by creating an environment for their personal and social development.

The story of My Good School started with the need for a balanced curriculum that ensured diversity, inclusion and belonging for every child at The Fabindia School; the school emphasises a holistic approach to education, offering extensive extra-curricular programs along with comprehensive academic courses. Our focus on happy teachers and the joy of learning became a story in itself!

My Good School - the book, podcast, App and school - give us a reason to celebrate the joy of learning and help us look at learning from every child's perspective. Today, the learning process has become far more democratic, and the role of the teacher has evolved from one who provides knowledge to a person who co-creates learning for every individual, with the child at the epicentre. The philosophy of My Good School gained global recognition with the publication of the book.


My Good School Where Passion Meets Education was published amid the pandemic by Rupa Publications 2021. This perhaps helped us all to look at a deeper understanding of a school, as the NEP 2022 has challenged the old style of teaching and learning. This book will help educators, school administrators and management and will change the future of learning.



The book is for parents to select the school for their child, as the choice can have a lifelong impact on the child's growth and personality.


A guide for you to look beyond that high-rise building and those perfectly manicured lawns—to go deeper in your search for your good school. It will encourage you to observe, question, evaluate, and choose a school that will truly prepare your child for a life beyond the campus, a life beyond theory.


This book will help educators, school administrators, and management build and rebuild such institutions and change the future of learning.


Enriched with the knowledge, experience and, most importantly, the wisdom of The Doon School alumnus and school improvement coach Sandeep Dutt, this book will encourage conversations around our education system and help shape the future of education.

"Sandeep is a passionate educator. He has dedicated his life to making the greatest impact on the greatest number of people." - William Nanda Bissell, Chairman of the Board, Fabindia.


"This book is almost like a conversation where a concerned parent, a well-intentioned teacher, and an entrepreneur who is aware of the reality of education today discuss everything from the what, the why and the how of teaching to what it will take to redefine education and learning." - Arvind Passey, Blogger and columnist The Education Post.


Listed in Top 10 Non-Fiction Bestsellers for 2021 by Booknerds.


Amazon lists the book in the top 100 non-fiction books.


At the Learning Forward India Foundation, passionate educators love to help schools deliver better, focusing on community learning programs for students and teachers to help take learning forward. You, too, can experience the joy of learning simply by enrolling at My Good School! #JoyOfLearning #HappyTeachers #MyGoodSchool Find out more at

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