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Thank you, #SGEF 2022 (Photo courtesy Edupulse Media)

This is where passion meets education; never my purpose of making schools my bread and butter, just a steadfast belief that our young people deserve a better world. This is what makes the Learning Forward India Foundation my be-all and end-all. The Joy Of Learning Program is a much-loved innovation of the  Learning Forward India Foundation; the foundation also has a well-established Internship Program, Space Program, Well-being Program, Sports Program and a Happy Teachers Program.

The Future Of Learning - Long-lasting success in professional learning needs a ‘culture of learning,’ this is where I feel teachers need to take charge of their own learning. They can support your teams to design the future of education and transform your school to deliver better learning outcomes.
I see the possibility of a nation where every school offers young people the opportunity to be rewarded for challenging themselves, engaging with adult mentors when finishing school, and giving back to their communities. We can help connect young people with new opportunities to change their world. #JoyOfLearning
Philanthropy is not just giving for charity. Its real meaning is social wealth creation.

Please join us to spread the joy of learning. With deep respect for the teacher in every living being,

Sandeep Dutt #HappyTeachers

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