War Vs Peace - Sneha Singh

Choosing between war and peace may be a bit extreme for describing a new workplace, but I understand the analogy.When considering a new job, it's essential to weigh the potential challenges (war) and the positive aspects (peace).

When I walked in the school premises after a break, it was a mixture of emotions. It was nostalgic, with a sense of familiarity, and perhaps some apprehension about changes.
The war (challenge) in a workplace can include adapting yourself, understanding new workflows and processes, building relationships with new colleagues, and overcoming the initial learning curve.

Reconnecting with familiar faces brings a sense of peace and positive familiarity. Knowing the work place and colleagues from previous work experience can foster a supportive environment, ease the integration process and contribute to a more comfortable atmosphere.

I believe, navigating the professional landscape involves both war-like challenges and peaceful opportunities.

Sneha Singh 
Sunbeam Bhagwanpur
Masterclass Batch - 2024

Reflection: War versus Peace in Class

1. In your journey so far, have you been the ‘different’ student/teacher joining a new school? 
Have you been on the other side too - of welcoming a ‘different’ person into your world? How did that go?
Based on the session, reflect a little on what could have been the pros and cons of your own experience joining a new space and welcoming another joining your space. What could have been better in both, if any? Or list any possible learnings from them. 

2. Reading about high-risk behaviour in the classroom, did any incident in your classroom or outside, come to mind? If yes, how did you handle it? What was the final resolution like and does this session add some more learnings to perhaps add to your style of handling?
If you haven’t experienced a high-risk scenario in your classroom, imagine yourself to be in Roma’s place and reflect on how you would have tackled it. 

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