Why Relationship Building Matters? - Shalini Tiwari

In my opinion, building relationships is a foundation of any school which first of all influences the environment of the school where a student is the centre point of the school. If he/she feels valued and connected to everyone in the school then he/she develops in every area. 

The child gets wings and this is possible only when a teacher connects with him/her emotionally, personally understands his needs, removes his/her doubts or understands his her inclination and helps him/her in that direction. 

Then the child develops self-confidence, accepts challenges and achieves academic success. Often children who are introverts are not able to express their needs, due to which many times they are not able to prove themselves even after having the ability. 

In such situations, the teacher should not be judgemental.He/she has to help that child. There is a need to further strengthen their relationship.

The role of teachers is not limited to just teaching their subjects. It is seen that even today many parents consider studies done in this traditional way, which creates problems for a child in balancing school and home studies. 

In such times, the role of a teacher becomes even more important, how he can explain to the parents the importance of the changing methods and technology of education.

For this, relationship building with children and parents will have to be strengthened. 

Courtesy- Shalini Tiwari
Sunbeam School, Indiranagar

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