Why Relationships matter? -Shivangi Gupta

Relationships are the threads that weave the fabric of our lives, each connection leaving an indelible mark on our journey. In the tapestry of my existence, relationships are not just moments shared but the essence of who I am. 

They are the echoes of laughter, the solace in silence, and the comfort in shared moments of authenticity. Through the highs and lows, relationships have been the compass guiding me, grounding me in a chaotic world. 

They illuminate the path to self-discovery, reminding me that life's beauty lies in the intricate dance of connections, forging bonds that shape the very core of my being.

                                                                                   Shivangi Gupta
                                                                                 Sunbeam School Annapurna
                                                                                 Masterclass 2024 Reflection


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