Why Relationships Matter? - Vijeta Wilson

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I will start with, if there were no relationship life would feel lonely and isolated. We wouldn't have anyone to share our joys, sorrows and experiences in life. We actually need a relationship because it matters a lot. Having someone to talk to and share our thoughts and views is so important in every aspect of life.

It helps us feel heard, understood, and validated. Whether it's discussing our dreams and aspirations, seeking advice, or simply venting about our day, having someone to share with makes life more enjoyable and meaningful. 

And not only this. We go through different types of relationships, in the workplace, we have professional relationships with our colleagues and boss. These relationships are important for Collaboration, Teamwork, and Career Growth. In personal hobbies or interests, we may have relationships with fellow enthusiasts who share our passion. And of course, in our personal lives, we have relationships with family and friends.

Each relationship adds its own unique value and enriches our experiences in different ways.

Last I will end up with this Quote...

"All relationships have one law, never make people feel alone, especially if you're there."

Vijeta Wilson 
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