My School Chronicles: What School means to me!

In the dance of life, certain melodies resonate louder than others and so is my experience with school. When I close my eyes and think of school, five vivid images unfurl  - the playground, the library, Meghna ma'am, and the camaraderie with friends.

In the corridors of memory, where time's loom is spun,

I stroll through halls of learning, beneath the morning sun.

When I think of school, a canvas unfurls,

Brushed with hues of laughter, where the heart twirls.

Playground: Where joy took flight -The school playground holds a special place in my heart. It's where scraped knees and joyous victories intertwined. I recall the exhilarating rush during the annual sports day, the thrill of scoring goals in football matches, and the shared laughter on swings during breaks. The playground was not just a patch of grass, it evolved into a space where classroom conflicts found resolution, newfound friendships blossomed, secrets were exchanged, and plans for exciting adventures were hatched.

Sports fields witness dreams taking flight,

In victories and defeats, we learned to stand upright.

The anthem of camaraderie, echoing in the hall,

In the mosaic of memories, where we stand tall.

The Library: A Sanctuary of Imagination- For me, the library was a haven of quiet enchantment. The scent of old books, the hushed whispers of students engrossed in their reading, and the soft creaking of wooden shelves created an atmosphere where imagination soared. I recall discovering a dusty volume that transported me to far-off lands and ignited a love for storytelling that still burns brightly.

Exams were storms, we cleared with a pen,

In the sanctuary of study, where dreams began.

The scent of paper, the rustle of the page,

In the library of reminiscence, we find our age.

Meghna Ma'am - The Guiding Light: Meghna Ma'am, the embodiment of a passion for education, left an indelible mark on my academic journey. Her encouragement taught me that education is not just about grades, it's about igniting a thirst for knowledge.

Teachers, like beacons, illuminate the way,

Their words, like lanterns, guiding night to day.

Chalkdust dances, like secrets in the air,

Lessons etched in notebooks, with tender care.

Friends: The Pillars of School Life: What would school be without friends? The echoes of our laughter still resonate in the corridors of my mind.

Friends like constellations, scattered across the years,

In the book of recollection, their laughter still appears.

Playground echoes, with the rhythm of our glee,

In the realm of memory, where we long to be.

What School Means to Me: School, for me, is more than a brick-and-mortar institution; it's a furnace of growth, discovery, and lifelong connections. It's where I not only gained knowledge but also learned invaluable life lessons. The playground taught me the spirit of teamwork, the library nurtured my love for learning, Meghna Ma'am inspired me to dream, and friends became companions in my odyssey.

As I journey through life, the lessons learned within those school walls remain a compass, guiding me with the wisdom of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow.

When I think of school, a nostalgia-filled song,

A melody of youth, where we all belong.

The corridors may fade, the classrooms may close,

But in the heart's corner, school forever glows.

……..I miss those days….I miss those days

Nibbrati Rathore
Gyanshree School, Noida
Masterclass 2024 Reflections

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