Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

The very first thought which strikes in my mind, how does one prepare his child to face the world? "Why we are always behind our child and forcing them to focus on a goal. Being parent sometimes it becomes difficult when our conversation ends up without any result, Dr Sibal handles it with the nice examples in each chapter from the lives of people who started life small and went on to become great afterwards. There is an example of Dr Christian Bernard who performed the first human to the human heart transplant, it shows infinite courage because this was the first transplant of its kind. It shows how one handles pressure, make others happy, determined and never give up.

Many more examples are there of honesty, that how we are honest in professional relations and with our colleagues. As Dr Sibal was the only child to his parents and his parents bestowed upon much care and love whole bringing him up and it was similar in his case too as Devang was the only son to him, to provide him same atmosphere Dr Sibal and his wife treated their child in the same way. It shows parenting should not be forced on the child because it is to bring a child from early age to adulthood. Though Dr Sibal was paediatrician he has had the rare opportunity to interact with teenagers and children every day, he carefully observed their behaviour with others and with their parents and develop effective methods to communicate with his own son.

The same happens with The Iconic School educators, as we are not doctors but every day we also interact with every Icon as we are teachers and this is an opportunity for us to develop our own method of communication with our child. Parenting is not easy and it's not climbing the mountain but it's a bonding between us and our child many deeply rooted concerns are there beyond parenting about child's health, nutrition and education. It's one's experience which is shared with us that how to be a good and positive parent before we take any decision let's be our child's friend first and then we proceed. It needs our own effort and time and certainly, we will see the same as we have thought off.

Many celebrities are quoted in this book and it’s a long list like of cricketers, martyrs and of course famous icons and personalities like Ratan Tata, Sachin Tendulkar, Barak Obama... it doesn't matter who you are it matters what we want to do because parents are always parents, I have seen Shahrukh Khan with his kids and the bonding between them. M.S Dhoni who was plying and sipping the soft drink along with her daughter when his teammates were celebrating after a big win. Book suggests we reduce the generation gap and to introduce communication and lead our child to become a good human being and of course a role model to someone.

I feel Mr Amitabh Bachhan's foreword is a good deed to every parent that " ...whole family grows up together through the ages".
Kaushal Singh
WSFG Coordinator
Caring Icons,  The Iconic School, Bhopal(M.P)

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