Hamani Singh: Is your child ready to face the world?

I have gone through the book " Is your child ready to face the world?" Written by Dr Anupam Sibal and the main theme that runs through the book is "how does one prepares his child to face various challenges of this crucial world". Talking about good and bad and giving him freedom to take the decision is one of the best way I feel. In today's time it's very difficult to communicate with a generation that does not have time to hear anyone.

Every chapter is explained with examples from the lives of people who started like small and went on to become great men and women.
As a mother i daily face challenges while dealing with my child. Through this book i got to learn that parenting essentially  needs upbringing your child from infancy to adulthood in such a way that their  emotional and intellectual development go hand in hand in a proper and balanced way.  However, it is easier said than done. 

The book is characterised by a smooth flow of thoughts, simple language with interesting  examples and inspirational thoughts. I feel this book is not only for parents but also for would be parents and non parents.

Himani Singh
Caring Icons
The Iconic School, Bhopal

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