Teacher - Student Relationship

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Even after being in the  teaching profession for close to thirty seven years, I find it difficult to define teacher - student relationship, though I understand it well enough, I do not and cannot give a name. Even kids, I wonder would find it hard enough to fathom the depth of such a nameless relationship.

Lets for a while do away with words like love, affection, caring, beautiful, for these are mere adjectives and do not serve much purpose in the context of this relationship. These are words losely used, most of the time, without any credibility, both to the user and for the used. It is much deeper and goes much beyond these words. It isn't even friendship, but much more than that.

It is a bonding and a connect, unique in itself, uncomparable to all other relationships, outliving  and outsurviving ever other relationship.It is nameless and its namelessness is its  beauty. It is like a due drop, a feeling (ashyas) which can only be felt but not possessed.

It is beyond time. Time doesn't affect or dilute its emotional and rational content. In a way it is even beyond emotions, since it is emotionally non demonstrative, unlike other relationships.

It's a unique relationship affecting both the teacher and the student in its journey of combined discovery, exploration and learning. One cannot exist without other.

Intense engagements, debates and discussions, collective thinking and concentration, perseverance and persistence go on to add grace to this relationship. The punishments, reprimands, rebukes add to the strengtening of the bond, rather than weakening it. Animosities are instantly forgotten without any  brooding, ill feelings or malice. There is no give and take, it is all receiving,both are winners. It is at once a relationship of heart and soul.

In residential schools this relationship gets placed at a higher pedestals, because of the close emotional, physical and intellectual proximity.

What ever it may be, it is sublime and crystal like the flowing water of a mountain stream.

(I would appreciate if students and teachers give their views to this nameless relationship) Of course others too.
- Soham Anand

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