Poornima Bansal: Is your child ready to face the world?

Children are  like  wax, the way you  mould  them they  become  that way. It is very. Important to  support your child and show  him the right  direction where he can easily adjust in this world. I read this book  and it has  totally changed my thought process. It has taught me the way to prepare your  child  to face the difficult challenges of the world. Dr. Sibal has beautifully explained the way to convert a situation  into an opportunity.

Each behavioral problem is nicely explained in different  chapters.he has quoted examples. Of mother Teresa and Diana Spencer to discuss  compassion. These inspiring icons personal success stories can be used to  communicate with the  child. This  book has totally changed my views and has enriched me by the great  ideas of good  parenting.

Poornima Bansal
The Iconic School

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