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Kusum Sharma: How to get rid of negative thoughts?

It is very normal to experience negative thoughts in our life. In fact, they are part of our daily life. These negative thoughts are becoming a big problem of our life, bad thoughts can hurt us for days if we do not deal with them. They often come to our mind and we over analyze the situation, gradually one can get deep in depression.
The situation causes huge loses to our life. So when we have a lot of such kind of thoughts in our mind we should immediately understand the situation and try to start thinking in some positive way and should take help from a person whom you trust the most or one can write the thoughts in any diary and analyze the facts behind it.
Often bad thoughts persist when we feel guilty and nervous. We may feel angry when a bad thought suddenly comes to our mind. At that point in time, give a moment to address the thoughts and after that listen to your favourite music or take a short walk to clear your head.
When we get free time, we start questioning ourselves. Why do I always think about negative thoughts? If the situation still arises we should think that we cannot control the future. Past too cannot deal with the present, any problem is not ultimately much to spoil our happiness.
Sometimes we can read our favourite book, bake a favorite recipe, put on an album we enjoy from our youth. Few more experiments can be done like writing bad thoughts on a paper and then throw them away. Writing is a way of expressing our problems and physically getting rid of them. Think, it’s time to move on. Then gradually we will realize that the things are not as serious as we think.

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