Teachers are great partners for life

A teachers journey begins with the first step to the new life in transforming people into great personalities. She handles hundreds of kids, their parents, their learning and everything that affects a student's life. A teacher gets so much expertise in handling people that they turn out to be best life partners too.

Teachers' journey of learning and teaching touches every aspect of an individual's life, that can help the child to grow into a better individual. A child cries on the first day of school when the child tries to find his or her mother from the teacher. On the day, if the child is unable to find his mother in the teacher,  he cries further. After a period of time, gradually the child stops crying because the child finds his mother in the teacher, and then the child starts sharing his heart with the teacher. What colour lunch box he has brought, what did mom say to dad in the morning etc, the child starts to share his journey of life with the teacher, this makes the teacher feel successful.

A successful teacher is one with whom a child can share his heart without fear because that's where learning and transformation begin, a child starts sharing his guilt, his sorrows, his fear and his happiness without fear. A great teacher is one who can read the child's heart in his eyes and make a child believe that nothing is wrong, all is well through her love for the child.

For a teacher when she gets old the best gift for her is when after many years an old student knocks at the door and say 'Good Morning teacher'. These words make a teacher feel awesome and take her back to the journey of school time where she loved all her life.
- Dr Tazeeen Siddiqui 
Email: fortazeen@gmail.com

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