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Nikita Galphate: Is your child ready to face the world?

Although not an avid reader the title of the book was enough to motivate me to read it through. We all want to be the best parents we can be for our children, but there is often conflicting advice on how to raise a kid who is confident, kind and ready to face the world.

Being a parent to two wonderful kids I found this book ‘Is your child ready to face the World’ an enriching read and a good source of providing an insight on preparing our children to face the world. Dr. Anupam Sibal very subtly takes us through his parenting experiences leading towards developing effective communication skills and inculcating various life values in our children. In this fast paced world the challenges of communicating with our children is also beautifully dealt in the book.

I am happy that as parents, me and my husband are already practicing the given communication strategy with our kids. Being democratic parents it many a times gives me a thought that, are we following the right parenting  practice? but after reading the book I reassured myself that  there couldn’t be a better way. Giving your child the freedom they want with an invisible cross line always gets in your favour. I relate a lot with the value imbibing ways mentioned in the books as kids won’t really take it unless they see you practicing it.

Ultimately no one other than parents can be the best role models for their kids. The book is a must read for parents, educators and facilitators working with children as the experiences shared in the book can be of a great help in dealing with various situations with the children. his book has indeed provided me with an enriching experience and an insight on the importance of building values in my children.

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