Conscience Exhibiting Caution - ANJALI KESHWANI

Whenever I begin to do any work;
My consciousness shirks;
It  advises me to have a long careful consideration;
As work done is worthless, if done without concentration.

On my misdeeds, it screams “Be chaste, thee chaste!”
Since ten good karmas on hundred bad karmas are disgraced.

It teaches me virtues that are necessary for an ethical  life,
Behaviour showing high moral values and useful quality life.
To check on my thoughts and feelings,
let me ‘introspect’ on my doings

First and foremost stands non-violence;
Not to hurt anyone with words, thoughts or actions.
As violence would lead to only and only destructions.
If truthfulness, I rigorously follow,
This quality of being exact and accurate won’t make me hollow.

Humility is a virtue of self-recognition,
Acceptance of lapses and submission.

Follow vegetarianism to deal with irresponsiveness;
Thereby, I need to awaken my consciousness.

The virtue of chastity makes me free of impurity,
To live with pure heart and serenity.

Selfless service concerns with deeds done without any selfish notice of own.
Consciousness said “SERVILE” I should be even if I  am not publicly known.

Love for all and God preaches affection and consideration,
To spread peace, tranquillity without any hesitation.

This is how my conscience exhibited caution,
To tell me the secret of living life with excellence;
With no malignity, corruption or violence.

Anjali Keshwani
Darshan Academy, Delhi
(Middle - wing Academic Head)

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