War Vs Peace

…establishing peace is the work of education” – Maria Montessori

A peaceful classroom is invaluable to both educator and students. The situation of war and peace can be experienced daily in the classroom.

To establish peace in a classroom, a necessary condition in reforming education, we need to reflect on the aims of education. Many children and youth today live in an exaggerated atmosphere. Teachers are unable to calm down the students and many a time, teachers themselves start behaving in a charged up manner. Once peace is broken, a cycle of conflict sets in and violence becomes a real possibility. Teachers have a significant role in breaking this cycle. To do so, they need to understand the mindset of the children and encourage them to be positive in life.
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The war within the students' mind can only be settled with the peaceful and calm attitude of a teacher. The aggression in a child cannot be handled with the counter aggression of a teacher.
Before being judgmental, the teacher should clarify the problem, identify the critical element, understand the content in which that behaviour occurred and lastly analyze their own behavioural response to the situation. Once the situation is fully understood, steps can be taken to select the best response.

Hence, a teacher plays a vital role in settling down the war going in the minds of the students. They are the ones who can remould the student’s negative thoughts into a positive outlook, which will help them in the long run.

After all, it’s been said, “ Teachers builds the future of the nation.”

- Understanding Icons
The Iconic School

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