WAR V/s PEACE...let it be….BRAIN V/s HEART

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A class is full of students with versatile behaviours. Different Brains with different thinking. Teaching and learning in such a classroom can never be unidirectional. An educator plays a very important role in the classroom. It is an educator's peace of mind that helps the students to achieve the desired results. An educator should consider individual differences and multiple intelligence theory while building a strategy for a class. A child's I mind is full of curiosity and questions and a big WHY? In everything, he sees or perceives. If the question were left unanswered or a child is not satisfied with the response of the educator, he will be perplexed and would always seek to satisfy himself. This mental state of a child can create an unpleased atmosphere in a teaching-learning centre. When so many perplexed behaviours will combine together they will create a situation like a war inside the classroom.

It’s a wholehearted responsibility of an educator to deal with the situation of war in the classroom peacefully. Here comes the role of an educator where she/he has to come up as a role model and build coordination between heart and mind. If the common character sticks of heart and brain can be interchanged, the war situations can be handled very beautifully without leaving any scars in the mind.

A beautiful mind is full of innovative ideas. For a nation to grow innovative ideas are required.
Together we can complete the task easily and speedily. This togetherness can be brought  by the peaceful nature of an educator

- Curious Icons
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