War vs Peace

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War vs peace means disturbances in class vs responses by an educator. It’s generally seen that if an educator doesn’t find the class according to their wish they immediately react. But to maintain peace in class instead of reaction, response is required. For example a small mistake by students like taking name of educator in an uncalled distorted manner can be easily tackled in multiple ways.

One is to have some humour element added to the situation rather than reacting or shouting on the class. Another way is to present case studies to children and asking them to give a response on tackling such situations, such things will sensitise the students for an appropriate behaviour and will also help them to get rid of this habit. Thus way to maintain peace in class should always be in the way so as to make the students understand their mistake and they develop the responsibility of not repeating it. For example, when one of the student struggles to complete his notebook or classwork, the educator has written one whole chapter in his notebook, which encouraged him to write himself the next time.

Thus a short positive motivation can change the student, instead of a harsh punishment. Conclusion war can be maintained in the class if the educators understand the students then students will have a faith in their educators.

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