The term “thought” is an idea click in one’s mind for something happening around. We can say a person is thinking when we see the characteristic of being kind, good and helpful to others (whether it can be a person or anything around him). There is always some or the other thing going into mind when we are thoughtful, we don’t need to wait for any kind of opportunity, rather then we can make it. A thoughtful person is most creative as there are lots of thoughts flowing in his mind.

People who think in favour of others benefit are always loved by everyone. For example A Friend is always a thoughtful person to us. It is universally accepted that whenever there is a problem, first-person our eyes search for is our Friend. We always need someone who thinks from our perspective in any situation. Thoughtful nature always makes a person capable of overcoming all the hurdles that come in the way to achieve success. There are 2 types of people, the one who is keen to solve everything and the other one who is always ready to give up in any situation. These are divided as Thoughtful and Thoughtless respectively.

Gautam Buddha once met a bandit who used to kill innocents cut their finger and tie it to the wreath. While listening to his threats Buddha was calm and quiet. He then asked bandit to pluck 2 flowers. Bandit surprisingly went and plucked flowers. Now he was asked to again attach flowers to the same plant as they were earlier. Bandit was so confused that why he was asked to pluck it and again joining those plants was impossible.

When he asked Buddha about this he replied: “If you can’t join a flower back to its original place, you have no rights to pluck it, same as when we can’t make someone happy – we are no one to make them cry”. By this bandit was in the feet of Buddha. It was his thoughtful nature that helped a bandit to convert into a good person.
Punita Chouhan, Shivani Rao & Jitendra Suthar
They are pursuing the Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program 
at The Fabindia School

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