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In this pandemic situation, there has been a revolution in the education field where papers are
replaced by screens. Pens are replaced by keystrokes. Books are replaced by Videos and PDFS and Exams are replaced by online quiz tools.

CBSE these days is more concentrating on training teachers with being handy in designing online assessments and Teaching online. Tools recommended by CBSE are Google Classroom for Live classes and Google Forms for conducting exams.

Google Classroom - One of the best and most used tools to take online classes, gives subjective materials, shares assignments, keeps a record of online learning students, and preserves all the activities on Drive. Using this online tool we can run a virtual class where students can view ongoing activity in the classroom, they can post questions, they can answer to any question or query posted by the teacher, and they can submit their assignments.

Google Forms – This tool is used for conducting exams online. It consists of multiple-choice questions, Short answers, Paragraph Answers, and many more answering patterns. Online papers can be corrected in 2 ways. First is Manual correction where students appear through a link and teachers generate a spreadsheet of the responses. Other is auto-correction where teachers prepare an answer key and update it with the paper while preparing it.

This paper gets corrected automatically according to the answer key and students can view the score immediately after submitting the paper. Students, Parents, and Teachers are very eager to learn this new normal change.   
Trained by CBSE.

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