National Webinar - Rahul Thakur

National Webinar on “Impact of Physical Education on Students’ Well-being and Academic Success in Higher Education” was organized by the Department of Physical Education. The session was conducted by Dr Gautam Mukherjee C.E.O and Co-Founder of Sportify

Discussion on the topic was conducted in the webinar i.e., “Impact of Physical Education on students’ well-being
and academic success in higher education”. Not only in the elementary level but also in higher education students should engage themselves with the activities. Yes, it is very much important for the student to engage in the activities (it can be any games or sports, recreation games, physical exercises etc.) so that they can develop their physical and mental health development as well as motor development. It also develops leadership qualities of the students.

It also expressed that Physical Education may be included in all the field of Higher Education as a subject including medical and engineering. In the general degree colleges, physical education subject can be a compulsory subject with all streams (Arts, Science and Commerce). Physical Education is as important as our daily requirement.

Rahul Kumar Thakur
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