Freedom and Peace - Sharmila Vijayvargi

Both these values indistinctly strike our minds to be related with some sort of struggle, largely, the 
Indian struggle to independence and which is true. The values of freedom and peace were the driving force to India being an independent nation. However, if we delve into the inculcation of these values in our daily life, one would know that both these values are really important for one person's growth and development. In early childhood days, freedom is utmost important. When students play freely in the class or anywhere without any fear of being judged or scolded, they come out with their creative selves, which boosts their motor skills, observation skills.

 A free mind accepts, absorbs and learns more. Like planning is essential for success in life. So, also is it necessary for attaining peace. There can be conflicts at home, in school, factories, parties, organizations, etc. To solve these conflicts and to restore peace, some definite plans are to be made. Even to maintain peace we need certain plans. We need to make a plan not only to restore peace but also to maintain it. Freedom and peace is a Universal value. Everyone needs peace and freedom. The young and the old all desire peace and freedom. It is a universal longing. It has no boundaries. Thus, freedom of doing coupled with peace in mind certainly helps one achieve better results and development. Both the values are inclusive of each other. While at the micro-level, peace and freedom help individuals, at the macro level, both values have led to countries to come out of dominance and rule. 

Sharmila Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School.

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