The World of Books - Punita Chouhan

One word we should never forget that’s “BOOK"
Once finding a friend in the book 
One will never feel lonely.
And this bond remains till the end of life.       
Books are great friends of mine 
Who share multiple notions. 
Hence the deal with everyone’s emotions 
They deal with anger and grief but never complain. 
Books take us to the places unexplored 
 It amazes me, reveals the identity of people unknown. 
  It gives us delight and enlightens our life.
They are the boats which sail us to further places. 
On a  journey of imagination and fairyland.

The greatest of the books of our mythology  
  Gives us answers, of the questions untold 
 My friendship with them is ever unbreakable. 
As we share a peaceful conversation        
I promise to keep you beside me       
No matter where and how I am. 

Punita Chouhan
The Fabindia School  

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