In Search of Myself - Shivani Rao

Aarav Solanki/ LKG
Have you ever thought about who you are? What you stand for? You can be a friend, son, father, brother/sister, but these are just an aspect of you. Your inner self is who you really are. To know your inner self you must acknowledge your purpose values, your visions, goals, belief. Not what you have been told by others. You need to spend time with yourself. 

The biggest adventure of our lives is discovering inner you. In order to be the most valuable person in the world around you, you have to first know who you really are. Introspection and self-awareness are highly required.

If you are not connected with who you really are, you are probably just living your life for others. Pursing others goal and living up to other expectations rather than what you really want.

'All the wonder you want lies within you.'

Shivani Rao
The Fabindia School

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