Learning Forward Annual Conference 2020

Learning Forward’s Annual Conference, known for more than 40 years as THE Learning Conference, is moving to virtual for 2020.
Learning Forward is concerned first and foremost about the safety and health of our colleagues, educators, students, and communities, so this year's attendees will come together virtually Dec 6-8, 2020.
Ensuring students have equitable access to high-quality learning remains as important as ever. Learn about best practices, the latest research, and how other learning professionals are responding to challenges in their districts, but without the usual travel costs or restrictions!
Join education thought leaders at all levels—policy, system, school, and classroom—for powerful networking as you gain the tools and strategies needed to understand and implement effective professional learning in classrooms, schools, and districts.
Look soon for more information about this opportunity, where we’ll highlight leading voices in professional learning and connect our community of peers to share solutions and inspiration.
This year’s theme is Innovate for Impact, addressing questions such as:
How can professional learning solve the challenges we face
in the upcoming school year?
What innovative solutions do education leaders need to know about
for professional learning policies, systems, and practices?
How can we measure the impact of professional learning
so that your investments are leading to equity and excellence
for all students?

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