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The concept of simple living high thinking is something that every person should adopt. This concept is also called as minimalism, where a person owns bare minimum items in his house. Your lifestyle will be totally different if you own just the essentials. We have seen what is happening around the world when people are buying just the essential commodities. The COVID-19 pandemic has thought us that all we need to survive are the basic essentials like a house, a vehicle, food and medicines. All others are luxuries that we don’t actually need in reality.

The urge of a human being to gain materialistic wealth is beyond control and has a significant impact on our economy. Companies market products that are actually not needed and add no value to our lives but the branding of the products is done such that it is made to create an illusion of value addition in our lives when in reality, all it does is add problems to our lives.

The concept of simple living high thinking is not just about a clutter-free closet or a cleanroom. To have peace of mind and live a truly blessed life, we need to follow this simple living high thinking theory in life. Some of us have money, some of us don’t, and some of us have that in plenty, and still, our peace of mind is not as much as that worker who sleeps on the footpath with no worries. We, as a society, look at them in wonderment and pity, but in reality, it is them that should pity us.

The sense of joy, fulfilment and satisfaction you get when you help someone in need is far more than the joy you get when you buy a branded shoe or a costly phone. The COVID-19 pandemic has thought many life lessons to us and one of which is the joy of helping others. It is not just about the joy, we should do it as a responsibility and gratitude towards our privileges that God has granted us. The entire economy of the world is crumbling just because all of us are buying only the bare minimum and essentials. More than 90% of our economy is surviving because of the consumer’s spending on things that they don’t really need.

Minimalism is a term that is used to refer to a lifestyle which is minimum in materialistic point of view, but maximum in peace of mind and tranquillity point of view. We are always frustrated and agitated whenever we come home looking at a closet full of clothes, a kitchen full of utensils, a refrigerator full of food and a table full of useless things. Get rid of it all. Yes, the minimum lifestyle will give a sense of direction and purpose in life. Instead of spending that one lakh rupee on iPhone, buy a phone that is cheaper and use the rest of the money to feed the poor and the hungry. Try this one day, and you yourself will be addicted to that joy. The smile that you see when you feed someone who is in need is enough to have a sense of purpose in life.

Swabhi Parmar
The Fabindia School

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