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Learning Forward Podcast 21st Nov 2020 

Episode#52: Sandeep Dutt on a conversation with Meline Grigoryan, an Armenian based education researcher and trainer. She is the Manager of Education Programs at Children of Armenia Fund, Yerevan (COAF) a non-profit organization seeking to advance rural communities by improving education, healthcare, economic development, and village life. With 12 years of experience in education and research, Meline believes that education should be fulfilled with positive and motivational aspects. Meline has gained her experience in the education field being a teacher, teacher trainer, program manager, author and more. She has pursued her Bachelor’s philology and pedagogy, Masters in Public Administration and PhD in Inclusive education Management from Brusov State University (Yerevan). With her skills in Strategic Planning, Higher Education, Languages, Marketing Communications and Inclusive education, she is working to give wings to teachers, as she feels they need to be flexible and be ready to bring about change. With a tradition of well-being and happiness, communities can overcome any challenge.  As Hundred Ambassador, she is a changemaker and a very compassionate person, working to make the world a better place for the generations to come.

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