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 Paul Coelho very well said……

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the PATIENCE -to wait for the right moment and the COURAGE- not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”

And I think Mythological stories are the best way to teach such values to children in a way that holds their interest.

I still remember it was the time before Diwali and we were in the class. A teacher came and asked, “How many of you read stories?”

We all raised our hands.

Teacher: “Do you read mythological stories?”

This time none of us raised our hands.

 Teacher: “Today, I will tell you mythological story- The Ramayana. And tell you its significance in LIFE.”

She started the narration of the story by showing some illustrations. She said Ramayana is not just a story but it is a way of life.

It is a story of Trust, Courage, Patience and Faith

We all were amazed to hear the story, at the last, the teacher asked, “What do you think which character in Ramayana depicted the 

quality of courage and patience?” We all had different views to share-

Some said- “Lord Ram”

 He had the most courage and patience as he alone with his wife and brother spent 14 years exile in the forest.

Some said- “Hanuman Ji"

He was the most courageous as he alone burnt King Ravan's palace.

And some said- “Jataiyu"

He was the strongest and had enough patience as he stood for the right and fought against King Ravan.

We all have different perspectives and our teacher too had a different one, she said, “Today   I'll tell you about the character which I think is the most courageous and patient the character of Ramayana, Sita.”

Sita, a legendary a character who as wife and companion of Lord Ram showed courage and patience not only during their 14 years exile but also later.

It was Sita’s courage- that she did not let her bow down in front of the powerful king Ravan.

Ravan kidnapped her, even this could not break Sita's immense               

willpower and courage but she patiently passed her difficult time in the  Asoka garden near Ravan’s palace and waited for lord Ram to free her from Ravan's captivity.

This incident is one of the most memorial memories of my childhood which I still remember. That day we realize the importance of such stories. And learnt about two friends:

Two friends walking side by side,

Importance of both can never be ignored in life.

Courage stands for strength while patience is just like an umbrella in the rain.

Courage teaches to stand against wrong while patience makes us tolerant and strong.

India is a treasure house for mythological stories. It contains the stories of Courage, Compassion, Love, Patience, Tolerance and Happiness and I believe that mythological stories are the best way to inculcate the good values and ethics in children. Such stories play an important part in parenting and education.

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