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           Team Magnets DGS believes that Humility is the quality of accepting challenging situations even in the times when you are lying low, moving ahead with trust, taking help when required by putting your ego aside and keeping a positive frame of mind.

          Appreciation follows when you work with responsibility, patience and tolerance, and show respect for the cooperation you get from those around you. All the values are linked to one another.

The Fragrant Sweetpea

The seed lived in its humble abode; it was dark inside the coat.

Buried in the soil, it showed trust, trust that the root will come soon to hold it firmly and gently, and there was hope that freedom is not too far away.

Patience and tolerance helped it to sprout and grow out.

The stem cooperated with true honesty, and the plant grew in simplicity.

The stem held on to the leaves with responsibility as it opened up with cooperation, in humility.

The friendship it received, for the cooperation it gave, the tendrils reached out with trust in appreciation for support all the way, reaching farther and farther.

Moving upwards with courage, the buds peeped up.

With the courage, trusting the surroundings bloomed, in simplicity and humility uncurling the petals so delicate and soft, Spreading fragrance and happiness with compassion and tolerance.

The appreciation it received for the beauty displayed was possible when in unity worked the sun, the air, the soil and water taking on the responsibility with respect for each other.

The plant bent down in humility and respect for the appreciation showered on the fragrance it spread.

Back to the earth, the pod fell down to re-live the cycle from the seed to the crown in humility and appreciation for nature around.

Magnets DGS: Kiran Juyal, Manju Srivastava, Mezhu Chopra, Pooja Sharma, Pratima Singh and Renu Sundriyal

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