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What is Responsibility?

Responsibility is the ability to respond and accept that you are the cause and the solution of the matter.

I am responsible for my words, my behaviour, my efforts, my mistakes, my ideas, my actions and the consequences of my actions.

Being responsible is something that is important because it allows you to be depended on even if others can’t be. When we are responsible it means that we are capable of making moral decisions on our own and we are ready to be answerable to others for our behaviour.

Responsible people are the ones that many look up to. Responsible people are always the ones who help out. This quality helps people to find a fondness and trustworthiness towards those who are responsible. Each step we take towards being responsible helps to raise our self-esteem and our relationship with others.

Cooperation on the other hand is also an important value because it allows people and groups to work together to achieve a common goal. Cooperation allows us to gain and exchange knowledge, ideas, thoughts and workload.

At school the children learn to cooperate through activities like playing together in teams, doing project work in groups and even simply building puzzles together enables children to learn how to work together. Part of cooperation is learning how to overcome challenges together.

Trust is the foundation of cooperative behaviour.

 In our school we always see the children picking up the dry leaves from the ground and putting them in the dustbin before the assembly. It has become their habit even the little ones help in cleaning the campus. As a part of the institution, it is our duty to keep it neat and clean. As teachers, it is our responsibility to teach the children these little responsibilities from a young age. When the little ones watch their elders even they try to contribute by cooperating with them.

 We all have our own Responsibilities.

As teachers, we are responsible person in society as we build the future of our nation. Other people can point it out to us but we can't point it out to anyone.

 It is believed that teachers are the epitome of knowledge. They have solutions for every problem. But what a teacher has is other teachers. Every teacher has her own perspectives but only by collaborating with each other we grow together and discover new areas and gain more knowledge.

Even the students help the teacher in the learning process. It's the responsibility of the teacher to impart knowledge. A teacher has the knowledge but the learners cooperate and collaborate and carry on the learning process.

Cooperation is not always an easy thing to achieve in the workplace, but the effort is worth it because it leads to a harmonious and productive space. Cooperation can make the difference between success and failure. When people dedicate more time to their duties in a cooperative manner, they are more productive and things get done more quickly and efficiently.

 'If we all don't grow, the boat won't go'

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