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Humility is like a warm glove to our calloused hand of overconfidence and false pride, helping us to maintain self-control, to keep us rooted and grounded when we could go blind with our own success stories, remarkable achievements and much more. Humility to me is very important as it helps me to stay connected with my true self. It helps me to be better than before. It instils in me a sense of composure which makes me look at life positively. It is very essential to be humble at all times, especially when we are required to help one another without having a superiority complex. For example, when we, as educators, need to help our students, we need to remember to be humble enough to make our children comfortable in our presence so as to use our power of teaching to provide knowledge, but not intimidate them with our profile. Children idolize their teachers and it would truly help them to be humble as well with each other if they saw their teachers being the same. Humility strengthens relationships; it provides solace. 

How do we recognize humility? It is a belief that every human being is equally important and valuable and that we are no more or less than anyone else in the world. Some of my students and I had the opportunity to meet Dr Kiran Seth the founder of SPIC MACAY, at the 1st winter convention in Roorkee. A simple and humble person. We could not imagine that the person standing before us is a Padma Shri awardee. He came up to us and talked so affectionately that we felt we had known him for years. Expected him to talk about his achievements and how he had started SPIC MACAY. I was wrong. Instead of talking about himself, he spoke about how the youth can promote Indian cultural heritage and how we should work hard to make India proud. He was modest and unpretentious about his achievements.

Children learn by examples, and the best example was set by Dr Kiran. We could see his reflection in SPIC MACAY’s volunteers (mostly IIT students) who dedicated their time and energy to serving all the participants round the clock with smiling faces in a very humble way. A week's stay over there enlightened us. It was a way of life.

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