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The Aspiration group has created an audio podcast. It is an interesting story of a ‘Gulmohar’ tree, who is afraid of shedding its leaves and flowers during the autumn season. The surrounding trees, animals, and insects take responsibility for making him understand a tree's life cycle. 

Two important values, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Cooperation’, has been the focal point while narrating the story. We have taken care to do collective storytelling, so that value of cooperation and responsibility is on everyone. While creating this story, the process was essential. It was a combined effort of everyone. We realized the power of co-operation and its positive energy.

This story gives a strong message to how educators and peers can help a child develop his inhibitions and be a part of the group. 

The ‘Nanha Gulmohar’ is narrated by the four enthusiastic learners of John Martyn Memorial school. 
Aspiration JMMS@John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun - Renu Raturi, Sandhya Thadani, Sonali Sharma, Asha Bhandari 

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