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Responsibility is something that we are supposed to do. It is something related to trust. A person is responsible when he is honest and if he has the courage to do something. It is responsible for something you are expected to do.

Responsibility is promising someone about the task, duties or anything. It means to be confident and have the ability to make decisions. Responsibility is being prepared from mind about handling the situations. When we take responsibility, it allows us to prove ourselves. When someone has trust in us that he or she can do it, then only we can be responsible. 

For example: In school, a teacher's responsibility is to treat her or his students equally. A teacher is responsible for teaching the students in the best and simplest way so that each child can understand. 

Similarly, the students are responsible for completing the given work to them by the teacher on time.

Cooperation is something similar to collaboration. It means putting efforts together to gain the same motive. It is working together with others to achieve something. When we work together to achieve good results in everything or work, we need cooperation to complete that work.

It is the process of groups working together for the benefit. Cooperation is respecting everyone and building friendship.

For example, Children and teachers work together to take out the best from the students. In the same way in any function in the school teachers and students can say the whole staff of the school co-operate to gain the same motive.

Giving responsibility to someone makes them responsible, and they also gain the courage to do the work.

This is a story of one boy who used to be quiet in the class. He used to feel shy about talking to the teachers as well as his peers. He has the habit of doing all his work all alone. Seeing him like this, the teacher thought of distributing the class's little task to the students. She divided the work of the class to each and every student. The teacher asked all the students to do the survey of the school. For this, she made the group by dividing the class. She trusts that boy that if I give him some tasks, he would surely come up with good results. Keeping that child in the group help that child to gain confidence and made him responsible. And with the help of the team members, they come up with the best results. They cooperated with each other and did the survey of the school.

"Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much. "

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- Sweta Thapli, Jyoti Joshi, Meena Kukreti and Nisha Pundir 

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