Responsibility and Cooperation - Visionary J.M.M.S.

Responsibility is the faith that others have in you. When you are giving responsibility, people believe that you can do it. So now it becomes your responsibility to complete it, and that too with complete dedication and sincerity.

When a child comes to school, he is only 4 to 5 years old. The parents believe that the teachers will teach their child and grow him up into a good citizen. That's the responsibility of a parent towards their child and faith towards the school. After this, it is the teachers' responsibility to take care of the child, teach him and help him grow. The child's development is the result of cooperation between the parents and the teachers and sincerity towards their responsibilities.
Responsibility and Cooperation are the 2 major values of our life.

For teachers, these two values are influential as they are shaping the future. 

Our school takes students in grade 4 and 5 for outstation trips. There was a boy who was a bit shy and less active in the Class than other students.  Every student registered their name for the trip except the boy. As he wasn't confident enough and his mother was also not ready to send him away from her for a week.  As she  said, "मेरा बेटा नहीं जा सकता, वह जल्दी घुल मिल नहीं पाता और उसका ध्यान रखना दुसरे बच्चो के बीच मुश्किल होगा।" 

The class teacher and the other staff members built the mother's trust to let the boy go with the rest of the students, and the school staff will take his responsibility. The boy went on the trip; we noticed that he cooperated with the teachers very well, and the trip turned out to be progressive in his personality; he tried to interact more.

Responsibility creates cooperation, effortlessly and effectively. 
If the person is responsible enough, the other person will initiatively take interest and cooperate with them.

Visionary JMMS @John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon Dehradun - Parineeta Negi, Ambika Gurung, Manmohan Kaur and Bharti Dangwal.

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