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Courage means an act of bravery.  It is to do something that you are frightened of. Courage has different meanings for different people. For example, for a dancer, courage is to be able to perform in front of everyone. For a speaker, it is to convey his views in front of everyone. For a leader, it is to keep up the team spirit in difficult times. But,  most importantly, courage is to take a stand for the right cause. 

We need the courage to conquer our fears. When we are trying to climb the steps of success, we must have the courage to face failure and accept it. It is only courage that will help us to try again and achieve success in our life.
There are 6 types of courage:
1.  Physical Courage: It means to do something against your fear like entering a dark room even if you are afraid of darkness. 
2.  Social Courage:  It means standing against others for what a correct cause. It may be to stand against your parents, society, for example, like organising a charity event, standing up to peer pressure.
3. Intellectual Courage involves asking questions and giving ideas during discussions or taking a risk in life to become successful. 
4. Moral Courage:  It means using our values into doing the right thing like helping a blind man cross the road or picking up litter and not caring what others will others say. 
5. Emotional Courage:  This implies always having positive emotions even if you are surrounded by negative ones. For example, caring for injured animals, helping friend grieve over the loss.
6. Spiritual Courage: This means asking questions or finding answers to questions like is there life after death? What is life? And so on.  It means opening to mysteries of life.

As Educators and parents, you must make our children understand why courage is important in our life. We can give them examples of our freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom for India. We must make our children understand that it was due to their courage to live in free India.

If children are taught to be courageous from an early age, then they will be confident to take the risk in their life. I would like to end with Walt Disney's quote "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them".

Prerna Rathod 
The Fabindia School

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