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Being a teacher sometimes we start considering ourselves as the owner of the students. We are filled with a feeling of arrogance and insolence while treating them. On the other hand, a humble student will never react to this unexpected behaviour of a teacher.

Sujata was rebuked by me for reporting on time for the rehearsal of the play. So annoyed, I was that I did not let her enter into the hall. The anger and bitterness she faced from me that day brought tears to her eyes but she did not utter a single word. The period got over and I carried on with the usual routine.

The next day I was informed by one of my co-teachers that Sujata’s name has been recommended for the Uttarakhand Natya Academy.

The meetings for the same had been going on in the principal’s office for the last few days. This was the reason for her not reporting on time to me. Realizing my mistake, without delay I went to her in the field. The moment she saw me, she rushed toward me and hugged me. “This is just because I have an amazing teacher like you, ma’am,” she said,

“Thank you for always guiding me, I dedicate this award to you”  I was speechless.


विनम्र होना हमारे मनुष्य होने की सबसे बड़ी पहचान है |हम विनम्र हैं इसीलिए मनुष्य कहलाते हैं वरना असभ्य तो पशु भी हैं | संभ्रांत, शिष्ट, अनुशासित, भद्र,सौम्य,शालीन, विवेकशील तथा सभ्य ये सभी विनम्रता के पर्याय हैं और मनुष्य की प्रवृति को दर्शाने वाले शब्द हैं |

This virtue of HUMILITY in her earned all the APPRECIATION from me. The appreciation for her for being so modest, for not boasting about the recognition she was to get.

याद कीजिए वो पल जब पहली बार हमारी माँ ने हमारा पहला कदम उठाने और गिर जाने पर हमारा मनोबल बढ़ाने के लिए जरूरत से ज्यादा शाबाशियाँ देते हुए हमारी प्रशंसा की थी| शाबाशी पा कर बढ़ाए गए वो कदम आज हमें ऊँचाइयों की इन सीढ़ियों तक ले आए हैं | अभिभावक होने के साथ-साथ हम आने वाले भविष्य के पथ-प्रदर्शक भी हैं|

I shared the entire incident in the class and motivated to be like that all her life. She was valued and appreciated by her class mates also for her humbleness.

Today Sujata is a theatre artist and performs all over the world. She is renowned, famous, rich but most important still ‘HUMBLE’ and ‘APPRECIATED’ more for this than anything else.

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