Enterprise as a Power - Going Back To The Roots by Sharon Philip

When we come across the word entrepreneur or enterprise, we get a mental image of business, economics, profits, losses, etc. However, in this Shark Tank-inspired world, we seem to have lost the true meaning, the essence behind the words' enterprise and entrepreneurs'

The true meaning of enterprise lies in another short yet mighty word - initiative. The willingness to take initiatives utilizing creativity, resourcefulness and determination can be called enterprise, and the ones who accomplish this are called entrepreneurs.

So, what type of initiatives do teachers take?

At its heart, teaching comes down to communication between a teacher and a student. Taking the initiative in understanding the students' psyche is the first step we can take towards the growth and development of the child. Understanding how a child's brain works is the best way to understand how their minds can be moulded and trained. 

Along with understanding the psyche of the learners, we must also make it a point to understand how their world revolves, what things inspire them, what makes them curious and where their interests lie. We can guide them towards a place of knowledge and society when we understand their world.


It seems relatively easy to just state facts and list events that took place hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, taking the initiative to understand the learners' perspective and then moulding lessons to fit their ideas and beliefs is where actual teaching comes about.

An analysis is a crucial part of a teacher's enterprise, which I try to practice in my teaching and everyday life.   Sharon Philip Gyanshree School Noida

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