Love letter to Mother Nature - Sukhpreet Kaur


Dear Nature, 

We first met when I was learning how to walk. It was monsoon when your dear friends' clouds started to cry which is what I used to think when I was younger. But the smell of wet grass diverted my attention from those first steps I took and my doll lying beside me. I along with my grandfather used to visit you often and you would always let us have the delicious fruits growing on the trees in order to welcome us in your beautiful home. I remember your kids, trees embracing me in a tight-warm hug when I used to climb on them. As I’ve grown, I’ve found myself fortunate enough to enjoy your presence time and time again. Whiling away hours amongst your trees, along your rivers, and atop your peaks.

I was about 20, on my first trip with my friends. We went through a lush green forest of bamboo in the Island of Bay of Bengal. 

 It was a dream come true when I observed your baby bamboo. The journey of bamboo is like a human being where Mother Nature teaches us many lessons like a parent. 

We decided to stay up all night to watch the sunrise. The moment I saw the red colour burst into the sky like a dazzling painting and mixed with all shades of yellow. My heart swelled with love and joy. I didn't want to leave your side but everyone has a life to live and they have to follow the rules in order to survive. 

 Going back home leaving you behind and living a life that we are supposed to, wasn't easy. I know my love for you is forever and eternal because you are residing in my heart rent free.

My deep wish is to live in such a way that I am awake to each of your wonders and nourished by your beauty. I cherish your precious creativity and I smile to this gift of life.

 Now I am a parent, the lessons which I learnt when I was in my twenties stay till now. The way a parent inculcates values to their children in the same manner the little bamboo tree was growing underground, developing a root system strong enough to support its potential for outward growth. 

 I hope and wish that we meet again even if it is after many years. We can see each other grow older together and live a peaceful life.

 Love you nature, you nurture my soul.

 In gratitude

Sukhpreet Kaur

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