Whispers of the Sky - Sharon

Inspired by reading Highway To Swades with Bhairavi Jani

In the realm where dreams take flight,

I find solace in a wondrous sight,

Up high, where sky and earth entwine,

A canvas of clouds, divine.

Gazing upon this celestial show,

As whimsical shapes freely flow,

Wisps of cotton, soft and bright,

Painting stories in purest light.

An artist's brush, the wind's embrace,

Crafting sculptures with gentle grace,

Silent dancers in an endless sky,

Captivating souls as they pass by.

A castle stands with towers tall,

Majestic spires reaching for all,

A dragon breathes fire with every gust,

Leaving hearts in awe and trust.

Beneath a canopy of pearly white,

Thoughts take flight, worries take flight,

Transcending boundaries, lifting the soul,

Clouds, bearers of dreams untold.

With every gaze, a new tale unfurls,

Imagination dances, creativity swirls,

Through wispy veils and boundless space,

A moment's escape, a timeless embrace.

Clouds, oh clouds, let me drift away,

In your embrace, I long to stay,

Unleash my spirit, let it soar and roam,

In the ethereal realm I call my own.

So, let us lie upon the grassy ground,

Our eyes locked on the heavens' profound,

And together, in this shared reverie,

We'll find the beauty of cloud gazing, endlessly.

Sharon Philip Gyanshree School Noida

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