A love letter to Rain - Dipty Ahuja

A love letter to Mother Nature or anything one admires in nature, for me, i.e. Rain.  I have always loved rain! Even as a child I loved them. My love for you rain is perfect for my mental health because it produces positivity and a sense of feel-good factor, pleasure deep down inside my soul, which in return helps me in relieving the feelings of stress and anxiety. Rain, I am in love with your sound, the sound of rain is a little like white noise, which my brain finds calming. When I was a child, I’d spend hours in my driveway, jumping through shallow puddles and delighting in splashing water on my sister. At night, when I couldn’t sleep or was afraid of the demons that hid in the dark corners of my room, I’d listen to the soft pattering of rain on the skylight near my bed. 

When Bhairavi ma’am, gave this topic as an assignment, I felt that’s the best way to express my love for rain and share my recent experience in Cherra punji during the summer break time And, Cherra punji I had read only in social studies syllabus for highest rainfall. Today I am blessed to visit this wonderful place, where I can experience the sound of rain or a thunderstorm. Cherrapunji lies in the heart of the Meghalaya, the abode of the cloud. It is situated in the lap of the Khasi Hills in the north-eastern region of India. Once I reached there, I was welcomed by the pristine beauty of misty valleys. I was amazed by the swirling clouds, foaming rivers, breath-taking waterfalls and year-round rainfalls of this place.

I have always loved rains, for the bright green grass that they highlight for me, for the pitter patter music they create when they smash on the rooftop, for the wonderful smell they leave when they grace the soil. My best memories are associated with rains. I always knew I loved the rains, but I got to know the extent of my love for them after Cherra punji visit. This heavy rain which I experienced during my college days in Chandigarh, reminded me of the times me and my friends used to drive around on activa from morning till evenings. It reminded me of the time I damaged my phone while enjoying the rains 😊.  It reminded me of our regular runs for corn. After moving here to NCR cities, heavy rainfall like my childhood days is merely left in stories. Today, visit to Cherra punji had brought rain as a wonderful surprise, bringing a luscious climate and pleasant weather. During my three days stay in Cherra punji, the rainfall varied from heavy to medium to light, but I hardly found time in these three days which remained without rain, in Cherrapunji. 

Though monsoon is the best time to see the roaring beauty of the waterfalls, However, Cherrapunji rains welcome you throughout the year with their enchanting beauty. This serenity is incomparable. If anybody else like me is in love with rain and want to feel this serene rain along with mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature, far from the hustle of maddening and rush full city life, please plan your next visit to Cherra punji.

Dipty Ahuja
Gyanshree School, Noida

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